Great feedback and committment from within the Investment Casting industry




“Lestercast have had the pleasure of Premier Autoclaves second to none experience, knowledge and innovative foresight since approximately 2008, during which time, Premier Autoclaves have successfully carried out all major services and maintenance repairs to our pressure vessel. I personally have been responsible for all aspects of predictive and preventative maintenance at Lestercast since 2010, and I can confidently say that since then, Premier Autoclaves have always committed themselves to complete the tasks set before them, and have continually strived to exceede my expectations both on engineering and staffing fronts.

Having experienced Premier Autoclaves competitors first-hand, the decision to show my commitment to Premier Autoclaves was an easy one, and a decision I uphold to this day.

I now look forward to more years of quality service and commitment from Premier Autoclaves – the first name in Autoclave Service & Solutions.”

Neil Townsend
Works Manager, Lestercast Ltd
31st July 2014

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