Premier upgrade Italmatic Autoclave for Solvay

Premier Autoclaves and Ovens have recently upgraded Solvay’s Italmatic Autoclave to their Curemanager controls system and replaced the vacuum system.  Mike Davies, Solvay’s Testing and Evaluation Manager stated “Following the upgrade of our Italian autoclave by Premier Autoclaves we have seen a significant technological improvement as well as increased efficiency”.

Premier’s Managing Director Samuel Clayton commented “It is always great to be able to demonstrate our capabilities when making an Autoclave more efficient meaning that we are able to save our customers tens of thousands of pounds. The issues with the Italmatic autoclave were meaning that Cytec were losing parts and impacting production which is key and we are all very happy with the results.”

Premier’s Curemanager software has been designed specifically for the autoclave curing processes. Iterations over many years with the world’s leading manufacturers, including Cytec who now have the system all across the UK, have created intuitive controls ensuring ease of operator use, full automation and comprehensive traceability.

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