How Can Your Autoclave Do More For Your Business?

As the leading authority on all things autoclave, we can help you increase productivity, supportability, safety, efficiency and suitability for production requirements. For any brand of autoclave.

“We Chose Premier For Our Three Autoclave Upgrades Because Of Their Deep Understanding Of The Industry And Time Taken To Develop Solutions For Demanding Performance Criteria.”

Williams Formula 1 Team

Through Upgrading, We Have Helped Customers:
  • Increase production by up to 300% through automated processes
  • Minimise scrap through improved control
  • Ensure machine safety, in line with PM73 HSE guidelines
  • Reduce production costs
  • Consolidate processes to promote greater efficiency (e.g. link to ERP systems)
  • Gain reliable machines through eliminating vulnerabilities and having supportable parts that are immediately available
  • Increase throughput with uplift of vacuum and thermocouples
  • Enhance production capabilities and with additions of, for example, cooling systems
  • Reduce energy consumption through installation of better equipment. For example, inverter driven fan motors (variable speed) or new, more efficient heating elements. This has been helpful as some push towards ISO 14001 environmental targets.

All achieved at a fraction of the cost of a new machine because the vessel (the costliest part of the autoclave) is re-used.

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