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Yeovil College: Control & Safety System Upgrade to existing autoclave.

The mission statement for Yeovil College states:

“Inspiring and leading our community through excellence in providing learning solutions and pathways for progression”

Yeovil certainly put this into practice, none more so than when purchasing from Premier Autoclave Service & Solutions a new state of the art control system upgrade for their autoclave unit on site.

Although budget constraints did not allow a complete controls overhaul, Premier Autoclaves where able to meet budgetary constraints by interfacing and integrating new and existing panel hardware overall giving Yeovil College infinite recording and finite control bringing them to the forefront of autoclave system control.

The new controls interface is second to none in terms of graphics and live mimic displays offering beneficial advantages to Yeovil College when training both students and engineers in the art of composite curing.

Within our price to upgrade the controls we also completed a basic safety upgrade bringing the College’s autoclave system back in line with current PM73 safety guidelines.

Connecting the autoclave control system to the internet, Yeovil College now benefit from remote support allowing our engineers access to the autoclave control system and live data in the event of a fault or breakdown.

We are sure that Yeovil College will continue to inspire and lead individuals in the art of composite materials enabling the future growth and technical advancement of our industry.

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