Autoclave Servicing

It’s your Service Agreement. So based on the condition of your equipment, regularity of use and calibration / TUS specifications, we’re here to help you decide most suitable service programmes for your business.

If we are supporting your production, we believe you should expect maximised uptime and throughput. If there is a breakdown, we’ll resolve it as quickly as possible (generally within 24-48hrs) without charging unnecessarily or overpromising.

Three Ways Our Service Agreement Benefits You:
  • Increase productivity: Our expert engineers and in-depth service reporting diagnose potential issues before they happen, avoiding production disruption. We replace ‘high traffic’ consumables where necessary to prevent reduction in performance or any downtime. And with decades of experience working in your industry, we help maximise your throughput with the best advice.

  • Assure Quality: Calibration and TUS form part of our planned maintenance visits. This verifies system accuracy, reduces operating costs and promotes component integrity. Plus, our expert engineers can help with compliance of PM73 HSE guidelines.

  • Reduce production cost and save energy: Servicing helps to make equipment as energy-efficient as possible and reduces its life-cycle cost (total cost of ownership). With issues highlighted and resolved before they become expensive.

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