Front End Control System Upgrades: Retrac Composites

We have recently been awarded a new contract to supply Retrac Composites with front end control software upgrades on all 3 autoclave systems on site.

The order to upgrade all 3 autoclaves on site to a common control platform really does give Retrac the edge in terms of autoclave control and functionality. Some of the new features will allow Retrac improved cycle control of both temperature and pressure in Ramp Dwell and Cooling phases by utilising segment by segment thermal head ratio programming and control.

Common control systems also allow for operators to specialise in one system giving greater cover in times of annual leave or absence ensuring customer requirements are met on time and in full.

This contract cements the confidence in the market of our software package being the best in cost effective and ultra modern autoclave control.

Retrac Composites Ltd are one of the most established advanced composite engineering companies in the world with a customer base encompassing the major names in the Aerospace, Automotive and engineering sectors over the past 20 years.

To enquire about any of Retrac’s services please feel free to visit their website at:

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