Two new 2.5 x 40 meter Autoclaves ready to start running production

Premier are excited to announce the installation of  two 2.5 x 40 meter Autoclaves ready to start running production.

Samuel Clayton Premier’s Managing Director  said ‘Autoclaves are essential for manufacturers and as a production driven supplier we are managing the delivery of two 2.5 x 40 meter Autoclave shells (being supplied directly to our customer by a European supplier) and then assembling, upgrading them to integrate with a master control suite and commissioning them ready to start production’.

‘This project is being achieved within 15 working days and continues to demonstrate our capabilities of being able to achieve fantastic results within tight programs and further cements Premier as being able to outperform our competition by being the only company focusing on service and upgrades’.

More information and images will be posted soon.


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