Understanding Customer Requirements and Applying Expert Solutions

“It’s never easy changing a long standing production process however simple it is! Thankfully the team at Premier understand this, and as a result the transition from concept to implementation was painless, seamless and most importantly works, and works well.”            

An aerospace manufacturer were having issues with a vacuum system that was regularly suffering blockages & struggled to pull full vacuum. The filter system was also installed in such a way that it made replacement of filters during maintenance extremely difficult (as per the photo’s below).

Before                                                                      After

Moreover the 8mm nylon pipe was becoming blocked and on certain lines vacuum was struggling to reach required levels.

As an aerospace manufacturers longstanding service & upgrade partners for autoclaves & ovens, Premier:

  • Installed larger filter housings specific to customer cures, parts & their bi-products (that were inevitably working their way up the vacuum lines).
  • Installed far more robust steel pipe; replacing nylon & reducing chance of blockages and leaks.
  • Replaced vacuum draw & vent valves that had been affected by resin reaching them to improve performance.
  • Installed in a much more accessible location so as to ensure Premier’s maintenance team can easily replace filters.

Following works full vacuum is again being pulled (and held), filters are far more suitable for the customer’s process and maintenance takes a few minute rather than hours. Job Well done.

Premier’s Managing Director Samuel Clayton said ‘our ability to apply our expertise to enhance our customers autoclaves is at the heart of everything we do. I am pleased that we have seen such great improvements in the efficiency of their vacuum system which will benefit their customers’.

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